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Chicken Piccata

2 Boneless chicken breast
1/3 cup All purpose flour
1/4 tsp Lemon pepper
2 tsp Olive Oil
2/3 Canned chicken broth
2 cloves Garlic
4 Mushrooms, sliced
3 tbsp Fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp Light butter
4 tbsp White wine
2 tbsp Parsley, fresh chopped

Mix flour and lemon pepper together in a small bowl; coat chicken with flour mixture. Heat oil in non-stick skillet and cook chicken until just cooked through and golden brown. Set aside and keep warm. You can keep chicken warm by putting the chicken on a plate in a 200 degree oven.

Deglaze skillet, add mushrooms and garlic. Cook until mushrooms are soft. Remove mushrooms and garlic from pan and set aside. Add broth, lemon juice and wine. Reduce heat to medium and reduce mixture by half. Swirl in butter, mushrooms and garlic, then parsley and pour over chicken.

Best served with white or wild rice.

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